Aj styles vs kota ibushi dating

Aj styles vs kota ibushi dating

The sharpshooter has been done many times and has been used as finishers by most notably Bret Hart so it's nothing special. Styles was a powerful challenger for Lesnar and earned the respect of him and his manager. Bryan tweaked his knee on a tope suicida early on in the match. Cesaro can definitely tell a story if he is the aggressor against his opponent.

He has the Phenomenal Blitz

That was one of his best moments and a literal proof that he is like a cyborg, strong like steel and doesn't allow blood to slow him down. Cesaro has good conditioning because he is fit too and quite agile. Cesaro has clearly established himself as a powerhouse tough man. Not Mahal who put up a decent effort against Styles but needed interference for obvious reasons He also ended Mahal's reign as champion when Orton and Nakamura couldn't do it. Cesaro is the more violent type that likes to use his brute strength and strikes.

Styles can simple take down his opponent with a enzigiri and those moves can topple a super heavyweight and can take down someone like Cesaro. Cesaro should be booked like Drew McIntyre is but far more because he deserves it. Styles always makes it look painfully and it's a deadly submission move that caused Chris Jericho to tap out. Cesaro is strong and he pushed John Cena far in that acclaimed United States title open challenge match. Just imagine you falling onto a metal pavement with your chin hitting the metal.

That is the thing with Cesaro's uppercuts when you jump to him. He has the Phenomenal Blitz that not only consists of a couple of moves but showcases the speed at which he does those attacks. That is a lot of powerful moves. His toughness has been shown multiple times but it's most recently been shown in the tag team match at No Mercy. Cesaro can be intense too but his intensity was at it's highest when he bled at No Mercy but Cesaro can become more intense if he is portrayed as a cyborg-like person as shown.

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Cesaro has some technical abilities and can do a sharpshooter but that's about it. Styles also makes his matches intense.

Obviously, you see Bryan vs. Same as the Phenomenal Forearm, Styles is able to calculate the distance at which he can fly and nail his opponent with a hard forearm without causing serious damage.

He also has the very technical Calf Killer as well. Right now, the only Smackdown superstars capable of beaten him for the title are Samoa Joe and Daniel Bryan. He hits clean and less viciously. That did not immediately wreck his knee, but his knee got in progressively worse condition as the match wore on.

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