Richmond, British Columbia

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The availability of salmon made it possible for the groups living in the southern interior to winter in small villages. The air masses from the Pacific bring ample rainfall to the coast, particularly in the autumn and winter.

Around the turn of the century the Kootenay and other rivers in the southeast were dammed to produce electric power for the many local mines and towns. This event includes a parade, and a huge barbecued salmon sale in front of the Steveston Community Centre.

The union with Canada

The Fraser River has cut deeply into the bedrock in the southern part of the plateau to form the spectacular Fraser River Canyon. The union with Canada was an unhappy one at first. This marked the first time the ceremony had taken place on the West Coast, as it traditionally takes place in Toronto. The population has always been primarily urban, living in the southwest region.

However, the Okanagan Valley receives a mere mm of annual precipitation. The coniferous trees of coastal British Columbia are the tallest and broadest trees in Canada. Cranberries and blueberries are the dominant crops grown. Throughout the s the interior produced about half of the value of provincial forest products.

This marked the first

It is a family event that celebrates the region's maritime heritage with live entertainment, ships, exhibits and demonstrations. The northern half of the province is virtually uninhabited north of Prince Rupert and is cut off from the Pacific Ocean by the Alaska Panhandle. The rocks are mostly granitic intrusions of Cretaceous and Tertiary ages and there are some recent volcanoes. Local manufacturing consisted primarily of some first-stage processing of these resources. The interior valleys on the eastern side of the mountains receive much less precipitation.

The Fraser River has cut deeply

The success of this event surpassed many expectations and caused traffic congestion in the usually quiet area. Iron ore and copper, to name just two examples, have been exported to Japan from coastal mines. In this period of worldwide European colonialism, there was no concern among European governments and businessmen that this area was already occupied by Aboriginal peoples. Fisheries The most valuable fishery in British Columbia is Pacific salmon, which have two- to five-year cycles of river spawning, sea migration and return to the same spawning rivers.

With the exception of an urban and agricultural cluster in the Peace River area of the northeast, few people live north of Prince George and Prince Rupert. Much of the development of resource-based economic activity in the province has been concerned with linking these separate regions together into a broader provincial economy.

Vancouver soon replaced Victoria as the commercial centre and became the main port for both coastal and interior products to move to world markets. In the s American settlers began to move into the southern part of this region, and refused to recognize the authority of the British company.

Before its dissolution, Canadian Airlines operated an office in Richmond. From to Victoria, the capital, was the main administrative and commercial settlement, and the supply centre for interior and coastal resource development. After the British colony on the West Coast debated whether it should join the new Confederation of eastern provinces known as Canada. However, the railway did bring people to the port of Vancouver and by that city had surpassed Victoria in population. The property owner, Vanprop Investment Inc.

Prospectors, mainly from mining camps in western Montana and Idaho, moved northward along the valleys and discovered gold and base metals in the area west of Kootenay Lake. Agricultural settlement expanded across the lowland and delta of the Lower Fraser River.