How to Develop a Compelling, Gospel-Centered Tagline for Your Church

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Every miracle Jesus does starts with a problem. Gratitude begins where my sense of entitlement ends. Jesus is the Lord of Life. The key is to stay consistently consistent while remaining fervently relevant. In this post, I will not being dealing with a biblical basis of branding or marketing, but I will discuss the biblical integration with one branding tactic- the development of an effective tagline.

These are meant to inspire your own tagline to use for your next church gathering. Depending on what industry it represents, taglines can change every years or may last generations. You will want to first clarify the identity and direction of your church. In almost every vision session or marketing consultation I conduct, people are confused about the difference and appreciate constant reminders with clear definitions.

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How to Develop a Compelling, Gospel-Centered Tagline for Your Church

Mission and vision language are for your internal ministry audience only. It is short, compelling phrase that makes a promise about your ministry to people both inside and outside of your ministry.

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Use this tool to assess your clarity. If you only sample the Bible you never acquire a taste for it. Most are plenty of the rest.

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