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For me, it seems to put me in the mood for chick-lit and even a romance novel or two. Every girl will identify with Emma. Without these cookies, we won't know if you have any performance-related issues that we may be able to address. There are subtle differences such as physical descriptions and locations but the overall premise is the same. Performance and reliability cookies These cookies allow us to monitor OverDrive's performance and reliability.

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They are in need of some serious money and in order to raise the cash, Emma proposes for the team to do a nude calendar. It hasn't been Americanized, which I appreciated since it is set in England. Will and Emma ideas clash and they are not too friendly with one another. The second thing I noticed, Dating Mr.

As the story progresses, Will and Emma find themselves around each other a lot and they grow to like each other. December is a wonderfully, well written love story. December is more steamy than the Lifetime movie.

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The idea is preposterous but the members take it in stride, knowing the money and exposure is what they need. The ending is real cute and sigh-worthy.

December is a wonderfully well writtenAs the story progresses

They are both likeable characters. Too bad she was sleeping with her client and he was sleeping with her boss no spoiler.

December is a bit steamier than I typically read, but it didn't go overboard or have the typical things that lead me to rant about sex in a book. Though the two main characters bickered the author does a great job revealing their emotions and you actually believe that they are falling in love with one another.

December is a bit steamier

Emma is so sweet and hilarious. He's weathly, rugged, and flawed.

There is enough angst and conflict without distracting and taking away from the romance. You can actually sit back on a cold day with hot cocoa and read this straight through. For example, they let us know which features and sections are most popular. Sure enough Will is sexy and is the perfect candidate but Emma refuses to let him know.

It hasn't been Americanized which

It is the perfect romantic fantasy to curl up with on these cold winter evenings. Will is the rumored bad boy of the town. So when the mood for chick lit struck me, I immediately queued up Dating Mr. Let me just start by stating that I love this book. December for true romantics who will want some holiday cheer this season.

In fact, the initial banter between the two is funny. Now she is starting a new life in Bannerdale and she will not fall into the same trap. If you are wanting hot men instead of sugar plums dancing in your head this Christmas season, pick up a copy of Dating Mr. Bottom line is that this book left me feeling good.