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This small village is home to hundreds of painted storks, making this an ideal place to enjoy nature in all its glory. Your loved one will receive the care of a skilled physiotherapist in the comfort of their own home. Not only is it an amazing spot for serene romantic sunsets, this place is also a paradise for bird watchers. Geriatric physiotherapists can help rehabilitate your loved one after a stroke or a surgery or help ease the effects of a chronic condition.

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The sheer natural beauty, the rawness of Mother Nature, the picturesque landscapes, and the unforgettable backwaters make it the most romantic getaway for couples in the region. However, do carry some food and water with you as you may not get any of the essentials in the vicinity. As such, these short weekend getaways provide a much-needed breath of fresh air at the end of long and hard weeks at work. ApnaCare has brought out a set of handy tools and living aids as a kit.

Vineyard tours at Ramanagara and Nandi Hills Vineyards, Ramanagara Image source Spending a lazy day with your partner at the Grover Zampa Vineyards is sure to make for an amazing weekend getaway. Sense and serenity at Yedamakky Cottage, Coorg Yedamakky cottage, Coorg Image source For those who are really tired and worn out from work, the best weekend getaway would be traveling to Coorg. Here you will find serene coffee and betel nut plantations, among other vast stretches of greenery and misty hilltops. The Chunchi falls, the pool, and the nearby areas are safe to swim, play and even explore.

Many other leading luminaries from the realm of physiotherapy are attending, conducting workshops and making presentations during this event. About a thousand national and international experts and delegates from the Asia West Pacific region as well as from the United States of America are attending this Congress. Joint manipulation to reduce stiffness and pain.

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While we have covered some of the most romantic places to visit near Bangalore, there are many more options that you can explore with your special someone. Four pre-and post Congress technical workshops by eminent international faculty will be the salient features of the Congress. The dance ensembles of Nrityagram are as popular as the beauty of the village and the creative usage of natural materials in its construction and nature by itself. Trekking at Anthargange Image source Anthargange is known to be a favorite amongst couples and others who prefer exploring caves and trekking together. And this can be a blessing in disguise for all the couples out there who wish to rekindle the romance of their relationship when enjoying some down time.

Another thousand medical and physiotherapy students are participating in the lectures and workshops. Apart from that, there are also many migratory birds that come visiting from national as well as international shores between the months of October to March. And if you and your partner are adventurous, you both could enjoy a romantic trek here. The aim of physical therapists is to identify and maximize human movement potential within the sphere of promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation in partnership with their clients. Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License Yelagiri provides one of the best combinations of adventure and relaxation.

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The two peaks, Karigudda and Biligudda, are known to be very popular amongst couples and trekkers too. Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License Nrityagram, or dance village, is known for its wonderful ethnic ambience and aesthetic appeal. Customized exercise programs to improve mobility, muscle function, and strength. Enjoy the amazing foot waterfalls while relaxing in the mini swimming pool created by the water. Improve balance to reduce the risk of falls or fractures.