Free dating e books

Free dating e books

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Masover is an Amazon Kindle best selling author of books on sales and sales management and is a co-founder of Branders. Sales and dating are both about making connections and building on them. Men on the other hand say women only want to talk about love. It is also sprinkled with zippy illustrations and unusually helpful quotations throughout.

But they do have the identical information as the physical books themselves. Our desire for a specific outcome makes a huge difference in how we think about it, feel about it, and perform during the communication. But sales was the first job that Masover failed at, and he was unwilling to let selling beat him, so he did what the son of a scientist should do. Since time began women have complained that men don't know how to love them. David Masover was not a natural born salesperson.

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Over the course of a few years and a few jobs, Masover created systems and tested ways of executing and organizing his sales work. He studied and he experimented. In fact, he completely bombed in his first two sales jobs. The book is sweetly old-fashioned, yet wickedly on target.

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There is only one basic secret to success in any aspect of life, including dating, and it's not what you might think. Men Are Like Fish is guaranteed to give even the most jaded and discouraged romantic angler a new, more joyful perspective on the oldest sport in the world.