Help i dating someone with a ton of student debt

Help i dating someone with a ton of student debt

By Maya Kachroo-Levine and admin thefinancialdiet. And personal debt brought into the marriage, in my opinion, should always be kept separate. There are also a few companies, including SocialSecurityChoices. If you see the relationship getting more serious, do discuss her debt sooner rather than later and how you can help her to pay it down. We are not at the point of sharing incomes though, and don't know if we would even when married.

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Help i dating someone with a ton of student debt, Elliniko sex meeting portal

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When I get married, I want to be on sound financial footing. And is when majority of millennials will tie the knot.

In fact, my parents finished paying off their loans only a few years before my brother went to college. So many graduates try for either a highly paid job to pay it off, or keep below the threshold, so they never have to start paying it off. Some of those couples have been together a very long time and know more about relationships than I could ever pretend to know, and I fully realize that. Loan debt and how students especially millennials cope with it has been a hOt bUtTon iSsUe for years. Maybe a big chunk of your joint tax refund should go toward her debt.

At the end of the day, I really just think this should be an open conversation. Reddr I voted no because I'm carrying enough for several people. If you feel compelled to help her ease her debt burden, you can always volunteer to do so.

But these are the challenges that we face by having student loans that follow us through life. The difference is he paid cashed, he doesn't have loans. Furthering my education seems appealing in theory, but I am absolutely unwilling to incur that amount of debt. When I get married I would also want to at least be open to the possibility of starting a family, which is another argument for postponing marriage until after student loan debts have been paid.